3 questions about how confirmation of matches & merging works in siloed security

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

On behalf of a few users, I have some questions about how certain functions work, or not, under siloed security.
User A (from Org A) and User B (from Org B) are not collaborating in Wildbook (nor both part of the same project), so should have no access to edit or view each other’s data, other than as possible match candidates.

Question 1a & b:
a. Can User A’s un-ID’d target encounter be confirmed as a match to User B’s ID’d match candidate?
b. Can A’s ID’d target encounter be confirmed as a match to User B’s un-ID’d match candidate?

Question 2:
Can either User A or B merge their ID’d individual to the other user’s differently ID’d individual?

If the answer is no to all of the above, I assume that’s due to the lack of collaboration between the 2 users.
Question 3:
So would a user with Admin access be able to merge 2 individuals from these 2 user’s data? If so, what would be the resulting access to the newly merged individual for each of User A & User B?

Thanks in advance for helping me understand this. Excitingly, we’re starting to see wild dog matches between organizations. The full datasets belonging to each organization will not be shared in ACW but orgs might want to merge Marked Individuals in order for each org to have a fuller picture of that individual’s sightings.

Looking forward to hearing, and understanding, the answers.