5. Issue: This is a valuable page, need instructions in User Guide. Also, some instances of matchAgainst TRUE for tails

Hi Paul,

I’ll speak to the tails being matched portion of your post here. I did a database check and tails of a certain label were indeed being sent to identification as you noticed. I’ve switched off matching for the class, and did a global reset of matching to false for all tail classes just in case.

This will not affect already run matching jobs, but new ones going forward should exclude all tail


That is great news Colin. Thank you for the quick response.


And I’ll handle the documentation portion:
Not sure how you stumbled on this page, but it’s actually a debugging tool intended for developers. We don’t maintain any set functionality on the page, so we don’t consider it to be “supported”. However, it’s a good idea to make that clear to users. As such, I’ve added this page to the documentation: