Ability to open match result encounters in new tab

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW / All

What would you like to see?

To be able to have an encounter in the match results list open in a new tab. We used to be able to do this but with the removal of the grey “encounter” button from each match result in the list presented, it’s not possible to open a match result encounter in a separate tab - it only changes the current match results page to the encounter record that’s been clicked on. Even right-clicking on the green highlight does not enable the option to open in a new tab.

How would this functionality help you?

It would allow the user to keep the match results page active while investigating any or all of the encounters in each match result in the list.

This is a small change that sounds like it will make lives a lot easier. I think this is something we can fit in for fixing in the current platform.
We will also make sure that nextgen supports the ability to open in a new tab.


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That’s VERY true! We would be really happy to have this back. Thank you very much!!!

I’ll post back here when I have an idea of when we can pull it in, or if I find that we won’t be able to. Timeline is really hard to estimate with holidays and contract wrap-ups going around.

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