Ability to upload identified animals to Codex

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

I have data on identified images of seals with annotations. Is there a way to upload this data automatically to the Codex database without going through the identification process and with minimal user involvement?

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Hi @kate.nepovinnykh, welcome!

I’ve changed this from a feature request to a support request.

Yes, you can upload known individuals without having to go through the identification workflow. When you upload a Sighting:

  1. You’ll select “None” for the Species Detection Model

  2. Click on the Animals tab of your Sighting and choose to either manually assign your individual to a seal that’s already in Codex or create a new individual if your seal doesn’t have an Individual page in Codex yet.

  3. Then you can update the Status menu on your Sighting to reviewed once you’ve established the seal’s identity.

If you have a lot of data to import, you can also use the Bulk Import option (help docs | training video) and choose “None” for the Species Detection Model in the import workflow. You can add the Individual Name field to your spreadsheet so you don’t have to do step 2 above.