Absence of detection algorithm for pygmy killer whale and melon headed whale


We are currently working on pygmy killer whale photo identification on flukebook but all of our bulk imports are stucked on detection. When trying for manual annotations, it seems there is no existing algorithm for this species, is it possible to add it please?
Example of concerned bulk import : Import Task 772b3639-af1d-4270-b360-945f522129fb

We have the exact same issue with the melon headed whale : Import Task ec6d9063-599a-4a8c-b673-d3f575620ad2

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Let me check in with our machine learning team and see what I can find out.

no problem, thank you.

For the pygmy killer whales/Feresa attenuata, the detector is only going to find the dorsal fins, but manually annotating the body should work for getting matches, too.

For the melon headed whales/ Peponocephala electra, just the dorsal fin will be used for identification.

We’re running detections now and should have some results soon.

Perfect, thank you so much.

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