ACW (+ a couple of others) is down

According to the dashboard, ACW and a couple of other Wildbooks appear to be down:

Rough week on the server side!


Sometimes the servers show as down amidst a restart, when the website itself is offline, or WBIA is down. Jason can probably better explain what exactly “down” illustrates, but in general, it’s a temporary state that doesn’t usually need our intervention unless you’re seeing issues with accessing the site or the image analysis/matching workflow.

Thanks Anastasia

I am unable to access match results, getting error message as below

As well, bulk import going thru ID has not completed after 4 or 5 days of processing.

I assume some form of WBIA issue?



CC @ACWadmin1

Great question! The match results themselves are loading correctly. This message of “Error: Something went wrong fetching the inspection image” only refers to the missing Inspection button for the Hotspotter comparison.

This can happen if Hotspotter results are older than 2 weeks, or more likely given the context, that WBIA is acting up.

ACW has just been restarted, so hopefully those inspection images should be available soon.

Thank you.

I will keep you posted.




I am now able to click thru to Inspect Results but I then get a

404 page not found

error message.

I would assume that WBIA server is down.



Do you have an example link?

Oh wait, nevermind, I was able to replicate it from the example link from before. I’ll get back to you soon.

It’s possible this one was affected by an outage, such as WBIA being restarted before this could be rendered. We’ll re-run it and see.

Additionally we’ll need to restart Hydra in person today, so there may be additional weirdness with WBIA until we do that.


Please keep us posted, I have 3 or 4 users with active bulk imports as well as me trying to rerun bulk imports thru ID for EWT Census.



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ACW was restarted this morning and should be coming back up.