ACW down? Unable to access the site

I was on a call with a group of new users this morning and they were able to complete a bulk import and send it to ID but after that, none of us are able to access the site at all. So I think ACW is down.

Could someone please investigate?


Hi @ACWadmin1

I’m sorry about the awkward timing of ACW not working during your call. :flushed:

We’re troubleshooting now.

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ACW is back up! We’re still trying to understand what caused it, but a restart seemed to help. Let us know if something’s still not behaving.

Hi @Anastasia - thanks so much to the team for getting it going again. Just bad luck that it went down during a call.

There were some bulk imports that were in progress through IA when the outage happened. Do you know if they’re now progressing again or do they need to be re-sent? The first link below shows that these are “queuing” and “waiting to queue” but that’s what it showed when the outage happened so I’m not sure if these are stuck or not.

  1. Incomplete matching:

  2. Stuck in detection? Wildbook for Carnivores | Login

  3. Incomplete matching: Wildbook for Carnivores | Login

  4. Status shows as “queuing”: Wildbook for Carnivores | Login

  5. Status shows as “queuing”: Wildbook for Carnivores | Login

Appreciate your help!


We just restarted WBIA. These should start moving again on their own. Let us know if that doesn’t happen, though.

Hi @Anastasia, this bulk import has been stuck at 97/100 detections complete for at least 24hrs. Could you please take a look and see if you can get it to complete or let me know which encounter has the offending media asset (if that’s what’s causing the blockage)?


I’m going to try and restart detection on it to see if that helps complete the remaining 3. Otherwise, we’ll need to dig into it more.

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