ACW Imports stuck in detection

Hi Anastasia,

Please can you help with these two bulks that are stuck?

Thank you!

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve just re-sent these to detection.

This import can’t complete detection because there’s something wrong with three of the image files (listed below the bulk import table). You may want to remove or update these images on the Encounter page so detection can complete on the remaining Encounters in the import.

Thank you.

I fixed the images on that bulk import. Interestingly, other 3 images were initially the problem - I changed them and now another 3 poped as being an issue as well. I will keep an eye on it in case more images become an issue and only appear later.

Interestingly, the 3 images I changed went through identification although detection seems to have only been done on those 3 images, not the rest.

Thanks for your patience. Detection finally completed on the other import and it’s ready for ID. We ran out of disk space, so that’s why it couldn’t complete earlier.