ACW - new logos to post + 3 other changes


No errors or issues, just a request. We finally got a very boring logo done for T4C and a new/old “collaborator” to add to the About Us page. And we have a couple of other changes needed; I’ve sent an email with all the details and attachments to the address. In brief:

  • New T4C logo & email address to be added
  • New “Collaborator” to add - details in Word doc & logos
  • Link re: Data Management Policy please add pdf - note: link should read “Data Use Framework”
  • Updated Terms of Use pdf - can you please replace the current with the attached version?
  • If possible, any chance of making all of the logos on the About Us & Contact Us pages smaller? By half? No worries if it’s too much work.
  • Please direct all messages sent to to Where/how do I find the DNS info you need to set this up?


Hey @ACWadmin1,
I’ll be reporting back here about completion as they occur rather than the email. This is going to be broken into a couple different tickets so we can efficiently group the work together.

Quick question (answer needed before we begin Contact Us updates): are you asking for emails to redirect, as in they do not go to and they only go to, or are you asking that the message go to both emails?

  • WB-761: Content updates to Learn > About Us, including T4C logo and email and the POPECOL and WildMove copy and logos.
  • WB-762: Contact Us updates, including T4C logo and email and the email direction
  • WB-763: Learn > About ACW updates, including pdf rename and new pdf
  • WB-764: Terms of Use update to new pdf
  • WB-765: BPC and Wild Me logo resizing (addressing this separately as it’s a lower priority)

Thanks for this. Re: email to & from. Whatever’s easiest really. Colin had mentioned something that made me think we could only do a redirect. As far as I know, we don’t have access to the inbox and I think even if we did, we couldn’t reply from that? Not sure. If we can have access to that email inbox and can reply from it directly then my preference would be to have the messages go to both email addresses.

Sorry. Long windy answer to a simple question. Hope it makes sense.

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Hi, can I get an ETA on these? thanks

Is there a pressing need for these? As they were submitted as feature requests, which are kind of open-ended, we’ve been planning to slot them in as available. There was a massive push needed for similar tickets for SeadragonSearch that was funded, which is taking precedence. We’ll start pulling these in starting next week, but don’t have a planned timeline.

I’m just concerned these may have slipped through the cracks. If they’re still in the hopper, that’s good. That said, these should probably be support requests rather than feature requests.

They are shifted to support and are definitely still on my radar and in the queue :slight_smile:

Tanya/Jason @tanyastere @jason

I need to ask you to escalate this work priority as it has been a while since we requested the changes/updates and some of these items impact on our relationships with key clients.

Also, as the EWT 2020 Census kicks off we expect to see a lot more traffic to the site from the public and we do need these fixes/updates to be in place now.

Please advise when these will be done. Please also advise if you need any info from us to complete.



We’ve been pushing through a massive round of feature development and addressing critical issues as available. These were not presented with a timeline, so were not considered critical.
If there is a deadline for a support request, that needs to be stated up-front so I can shuffle priority with minimal impact.
I will see what availability we have for this right now.

Hey @ACWadmin1,
We’ve pulled in the ticket related to email direction, and there’s some confusion (seems like mostly on my part), so I want to confirm what you’re talking about before we chase tails.

It seems we don’t receive any emails at We don’t listen for anything sent to that. That is something you would have to set up independently because it isn’t a service we offer.

What we do offer is to send from different emails. So instead of things being sent from, we can send from (making it clear that it is an automated email) and make the listed contact email so users know to email you.

Hi @tanyastere, I think I was confused but now I understand and what you’re proposing - send from makes sense. I assume it would have an automated message that says something like, please send all enquiries to If that’s correct, that works. thanks

I can see automated message meaning 2 things:

  1. Updated copy in the donotreply email to say “Send all enquires to” This is doable, but a substantial increase in scope and will be treated as an additional request.
  2. When a user sends a message to the donotreply email, they receive an automated email that tells them no one is listening. This is not doable because we do not listen for emails sent to the email.

I’m back to being confused. I’m not sure I see the point of having an ‘african carnivore wildbook’ email then, since it basically doesn’t do anything useful. In that case, it should simply be deleted and replaced with the email.


To prevent a large number of virtual machines spamming the world, Azure makes it very difficult to send emails. We have to essentially tunnel to a third party service to send emails from our domains. We also need to demonstrate that we own the domain to ensure we’re not spamming from fake accounts. We cannot send from because we don’t own it. We also use Wildbook for sending only and don’t manage email accounts on behalf of any organization.

Future contract potential:
Under a future contract, we could move to and connect to your mail service of choice. This would allow us to send from accounts that you can also independently manage and check.

For now, we can only send (and not listen) from

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@ACWadmin1 and @PaulK,
All except the logo resizing have been completed. I’m de-prioritizing that as it wasn’t critical for you guys.

Thank you.

No sweat on the logo resizing, we will get to that another time.

Paul @ACWadmin1