ACW server is down - - -

The IA processing appears to have stopped. Please re-start.
The same 2 bulk imports that didn’t complete due to yesterday’s outage are still stuck at zero detections completed: ACW appears to be down again ++--


ACW has been restarted and job activity is going back up. I’ve re-sent the two imports from yesterday to detection again and I’ll check them again later today to see if they’re moving.

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The two detection jobs were stuck behind user ID jobs in the queue. They have been moved up in the queue.

Sunday evening update: there’s been no detection progress on either of these two jobs. I think the server is down again or still.


Hi @ACWadmin1

We have a failed disk on the Hydra server. All ACW data is fine. This only affects the ML server.

We are working on it. RAID arrays have excellent redundancy and terrible complexity…

More when we can update.


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Resolving as ACW’s server is back up.

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