Add columsn to data exports

What Wildbook should this feature be in? SAS USA

What would you like to see? Can you please add columns for photographer and photographer email into the export file?

How would this functionality help you? Will help us identify (and credit) photographers that send us pictures directly rather than uploading through portal. This happens frequently, so this data column is important to track contributors.

Hey @Carol ,
This is actually a support issue. We have those fields available in a standard export on platforms leveraging IA. We just need to get them over to your platform without clobbering the fields specific to spot mapping.
We’ll get this going, it’s under WB-1883.


OK Thanks! It isn’t a huge issue, more like a “nice to have” so don;t clobber anything important!!

Hi - I am getting ready to do an export for a comprehensive data analysis. I’d like to have these columns when I do that. Do you know if it has been done yet? I sort of forgot to follow up…