Add locations to new Project with Bombina variegata

What Wildbook are you working in?
Amphibian Wildbook with Bombina variegata

Working on the new project it would be incredible if you could add more locations to the amphibian wildbook with Bombina variegata or to help me do it myself. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to add it myself.

The locations are:

  • “Liekwegen”; Location ID: LIE
  • “Bernsen”; Location ID: BNS
  • “Rohden”; Location ID: ROD
  • “Segelhorst”; Location ID: SGH
  • “Messingberg”; Location ID: MES
  • “Brinkmeier/Edler”; Location ID: BRM
  • “Obernkirchener SSB”; Location ID: OSB
  • “Nato-Station Reinsdorf”; Location ID: NAT
  • “Wuelpker Egge”; Location ID: WLP
  • “Bückeberg”; Location ID: BKB
  • “Hils-Klinkerwerk”; Location ID: HKW
  • “Holzhauser Mark”; Location ID: HHM

I appreciate your help very much, thank you in advance :frog:

Hi @MHederich

I would be happy to add these. Just a quick check: do any of these fit underneath any of the existing high level location IDs? Or are they distinct sites?


Hi @jason,

wonderful! Those places don’t fit underneath any of the existing location IDs, but can be put under a new high level location-ID “Northern Weser Hills”, which would be great!

Thank you,

Hi @MHederich

This was completed under ticket WB-1918. You can now see these new location IDs on the site. Please let me know if you need any changes or not.

Thank you,

@jason that’s perfect! Thank you very much, exactly what was needed :frog: