Adding Relationship

Kindly assist me in adding relationship especially for the mother and foal.

Here is the link:

Hi @Rosemary

I’ve added this as an example to our search ticket: individual search: partial search returns inconsistently · Issue #515 · WildMeOrg/codex-frontend · GitHub

Let me see if I can find a workaround for you.

I wasn’t able to find 21_008R when I tried to set a relationship from F08_053_LAIK’s page, either. It gave me results in the search, but none were for 21_008R. I’ll leave this request open until we find a workaround or until the ticket for the search bug is resolved.

We rarely get results in the search. That will help us too.

All the best!

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Hi @Rosemary

Thanks for your patience. The search filter in the Relationship search box should now correctly show you the Individuals that match the text you’ve search for.