Additional filter options on visual matcher

Hello, I am using Flukebook and trying to compare my catalog to others of the same species. While the AI match results show some possibilities, I like to compare the possible matches side by side, or search other catalogs for a specific feature. Using the visual match feature, it is tough to find a specific ID number that was suggested by the AI matcher, and impossible to just flip through and compare my photos to a catalog because all I can use to filter is region since pigmentation doesn’t apply to sperm whales and the results end up greater than 5000 (meaning some aren’t showing up and it is too large a number to flip through). It would be great if there were more filters than are currently there (pigmentation, sex, region) such as ID number, species, sighting date range (possibly a year or a month).
Thanks for your attention, if it was to make the list that would be fantastic!

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Hi Amy,

This is a good suggestion. We would like to support people in using the visual matcher as an effective fallback or reinforcement method of identification. We are working on a long term push over the next year to improve ease of use, and this is great feedback. I’ll make an internal feature request ticket for this, specifically adding individual ID, species and date range to options you can set to limit your matching set.


Hi Colin et al, we had already raised a similar request for DragonSearch. It would be so invaluable to be able to filter by a) keywords, b) all sexes (no option for all unknown & known at present), c) ordering the encounters by the default individual ID (eg WA-0099), and d) having an option that shows say first and last temporal encounters for individuals with multiple encounters (so we don’t scroll through tons of entries for commonly seen animals).
This would really help the visual matcher pull its weight- and it is so helpful, particularly when setting up a new locality/population.
Thank you so much, just throwing our enthusiasm behind this request for Flukebook!

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