Adoption page SAS USA asks fro account

here is the text of an email I got from a citizen submitter. They should not be prompted to set up an account. Also, should I get an email notifying me that a shark was adopted? That way I can find out what name they would like to assign to the shark.

"Good morning,

I was hoping to get your help setting up an account and adopting shark 9aca2560-7b16-4d67-8ba6-1569d26e7a50.

I submitted the $20 donation (receipt below) but wasn’t prompted to create an account following the payment. Thanks for your help!


Hi, @Carol !

I just went through the adoption process while not logged in; so I can confirm that no Wildbook user account is required for this process.

Regarding whether or not you got an email; I don’t know! Did you get one about the shark I just adopted?

You are welcome to send this video to Dan to assist with the workflow: AdoptionTroubleshooting - YouTube.

I was able to confirm Dan’s payment on donorBox (our donation handler), and I was also able to confirm that the process of nicknaming individual USA-L0803 (9aca2560-7b16-4d67-8ba6-1569d26e7a50) was not successful.

If you or he want to follow up either here or via email (, I will go ahead and fix that for him and add a nickname.