Assined to Brazil, but in the list does not shows

On my Encounter Search Results, I have set the location to Brazil on these two encoutners: Occurrence ID: [1b360c58-6972-4161-95d7-a80c97ebd98c] and Occurrence ID: [587cdecd-90c1-4a24-83aa-12fa261a2156] but for some reason, when I refresh the page, the option stays blank.
Thank you in advance!

Hi @isisviviane.1212

Thank you for this report. Can you please provide URL links to what you are seeing?

For this Occurrence:

the related Encounter does have the location ID set:


And the same is set for the Encounter of this Occurrence too:

Can you send the URL and further describe what you’re seeing?


In the sighting ID list, and even when I open the location to edit, does not allow me to set to any country. Is described as Brazil on the Set Location ID but not on the Set reported country.
Thank you in advance.