Attributes - Additional Comments displays repeatedly in Sighting - is there another option?

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

Hi, I’m trying to find fields at the Encounter level AND the Sighting level where I can enter free form text relevant to each level (enc vs occ).

I figured out that the Encounter - Attributes - Additional Comments field is populated by the use of the Encounter.occurrenceRemarks field, which I tested in a small bulk upload.

The problem is that it also displays in the Sighting - Observations box, but repeatedly - once for each encounter. I understand why this is designed this way - to capture each comment, which could be different from each other, in each encounter record in the sighting.

Is there another field that I could use, via bulk import, to display some free text at the sighting level, and only once? For example, at the top of the Sighting page where it lists other details like species, group behaviour, location ID, etc?

Also, is there another way to populate the Encounter - Attributes - Additional comments field so that it doesn’t also populate the Observations box at the Sighting level?

I also tried to use the “Encounter.researcherComments” field, but it seems to be populating the Audit Trail box (bug? see screenshot below) instead of the Comments box below it in the Metadata section of the encounter record. However, if the latter is where the researcher comments data is supposed to land, then it’s less preferred for our purposes; our preference is the Additional comments under Attributes.


Hi @ACWadmin1,

For the Sighting remarks, please use Occurrence.comments.

Can you please send a link to the repeating Encounter remarks in the Sighting page? I’d like to make sure I dig into this correctly.


Hi @jason -

[quote=“jason, post:2, topic:674”]
For the Sighting remarks, please use Occurrence.comments.
[/quote] - will do but will that also automatically populate the comments field under metadata in the encounter? If not, what field can I use to bulk import into the Encounter comments field? Is it supposed to be the Encounter.researcherComments and it’s just a bug that’s putting it into the Audit trail box rather than the comments box?

Meanwhile, here’s an example sighting - see repeats in Observation field:


The duplication was happening due to duplicate code for Encounter.occurrenceRemarks.

Encounter.occurrenceRemarks was getting set on the the Sighting as well, repeatedly set on each sighting, explaining the duplication. WB-1569 is the ticket number. Fix is alredy winding its way through code review and QA.

General guidelines:

Encounter.occurrenceRemarks is for general text about the Encounter (additional, where, when, notes, etc.).

Encounter.researcherComments is for private comments related to curation…appears in the Metadata section.


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Hi @jason - per your recommendation above, in a new bulk import processed today, I used the Occurrence.comments for Sighting remarks instead of what I used when I logged this ticket, which was the Encounter.occurrenceRemarks field.
Unfortunately, the bug fix applied to fix the duplication issue I reported here (WB-1569) apparently also needs to be applied to the Occurrence.comments field in the bulk import because that field is showing duplication now too, in my most recent upload:
Bulk import record: Wildbook for Carnivores | Login
Sighting link:
screenshot (there were 3 media assets in the upload, 3 rows in the upload spreadsheet thus, I assume, the 3 repeats of the data in the Occurrence.comments field):

I have 43 more bulk import files waiting to upload - should I change the field name back to Encounter.occurrenceRemarks to populate only once for these Sighting imports or do you want me to wait for the fix to be applied to the Occurrence.comments field?