Batch import errors

What Wildbook are you working in?
What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?
Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
I uploaded a spreadsheet and forgot to add the genus and specific epithet.
Then I also noticed the Lat/Long were switched by mistake.
Then I noticed the occurrence ID’s were the same as a previous upload.

Also, I’m not sure how to go about requesting the detection algorithm is run on the data.

I’m sending the corrected spreadsheet to

Hi @evebohnett,

You can delete a bulk import:

On the import page, you should see a button on the button that you can push to do so. You can then reimport the fixed spreadsheet.

After your new import, there are also buttons for kicking off detection and ID. Here is the doc topic:

Please let me know if you don’t see them.


Thanks so much Jason. I appreciate your timely reposns.

I found the batch import delete the import after going to the administer > batch import log.
I was able to fix the errors I had made previously by uploading a new spreadsheet.

However, there is no place for me to simply click to begin detection. My bulk importer still says alpha, so maybe it’s an older version?


I see the import running. Once it is done, you should now have a security role that allows you to see those buttons to kick off detection and optionally ID.

Yes, it worked and now I can see the buttons. Thanks so much!

Looks like it is working:

Total MediAssets: 4842

  • Number with acmIDs: 407

You can refresh the page to see progress. This first part is registration with the computer vision system (i.e. each image gets a unique ID). After this detection will kick off for the 4800+ images.

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