Best way to index/search for encounters?

I’m getting started working in Flukebook.

I will be using flukebook for ID matching, but managing the majority of my metadata outside of flukebook. As such, I want to be able to index my data in flukebook in a way that allows me to readily search/query for an individual encounter or specific sets of encounters in my dataset on Flukebook (e.g. if I want to go back and double check the match proposed for a specific encounter, or export results from a specific set of encounters).

Which are the best data columns to use for this in the bulk uploader template, and how do I then use them for queries once they data and photos have been uploaded?

Also, when doing a bulk upload, is it OK to fully omit the columns that I am not filling in when I create my bulk upload excel file?

Thanks in advance!

A related but more specific question:
Can I search my encounters based on the Encounter.mediaAsset field? And is this field included when match result are exported?

Hello @CMKonrad

It looks like we failed to respond to these questions. I apologize.

Have you been able to resolve these issues, or can we be of some additional assistance?

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