Bicolor ML detection for groupers

Hi @jason Is there a way for the Bicolor to be an option to select when encounters are uploaded? When matching we really don’t want the system trying to match bicolor and barred phases I don’t think? I thought they were going to be separated in some way?

Hi @accfish

I dug into this a bit more. Our ML detector - based on how the data was annotated - does have the ability to distinguish between bicolor and non-bicolor grouper. If applied, there would be two distinct classes in the system, and those two classes would never match against each other.

Currently the data is only processed as a single class of grouper, making all photos matchable against all others.

If you want us to create the two classes, we would need to reset and re-run the detector and ID on all data in the system, but we have the capability to do it based on how the data was annotated and ML trained. I don’t know whether in previous agreement or through omission the bicolor distinction was not used in the current pipeline.


Actually we can do this without rerunning everything.

Just need your approval.

Just recording here your decision to keep matching as-is via a separate email thread.