Birth dates data entry error

I have also been trying to enter the birth dates for specific zebras but have been receiving an error message. Could someone please assist me with this and let me know where I am going wrong. These are the steps that I am completing:

Goto Search

Goto Individual Search

Goto Identity filters

Enter Individual names (Rebecca)


Double click on “Rebecca” on results table

Opens Marked Individual “Rebecca”

Click on Edit

Enter Date of Birth (the date of birth is important for our database, the time is not)


I get the following error message:

Error: I was unable to set the individual’s time of birth. I cannot find the individual that you intended it for in the database, or the time was not specified.

Please advise if I am:

  1. entering the Date of Birth and Time in the correct place (Marked Individual)
  2. entering the Date and Time in the correct ISO 8601 standard (2003-07-20T01:01:01)
  3. how to proceed.

Thank you


Thanks for being patient on this issue. I’ve found the cause and redeployed the zebra Wildbook.

We tracked the issue with ticket WB-1690 just in case you need to reference it. The issue should not present again, the fix was pretty straightforward. Please let us know after you try again.

You also do not need to enter time if it isn’t important to you, just setting the date portion (like 2003-07-20) is sufficient.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Hi Colin
Thanks for the repair, I tested it with some entries on my side and it seems to be working.

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