Blank match candidates

This is to let you know that some of the Jan 26th sightings has gone through but with no match candidate. Others are still in queue.
Kindly advise me since some of Feb 10th sightings has gone through identification process yet Jan 26 is still in waiting. Do I repeat the delayed one or I keep waiting?

Sighting e88aa199-e0a6-4935-a3cc-9ae5a484da59 • Zebra Codex (

Match results for sighting 6b91e39f-5093-49ef-a81c-7137590f7ca0 • Zebra Codex (


Hi @Rosemary!

We had to restart WBIA and there’s 64 pending jobs in the Zebra queue right now. That should address anything that’s moving slowly, but I do have more specific troubleshooting for your issues:

  • You’ll need to re-run match results for the January 26th uploads, since those were likely affected by the server restart we did to correct the stuck uploads at the beginning of February. I was able to re-run the match results on your link. Which bring me to the next issue…
  • The “no match candidates” message isn’t necessarily a problem. If you have a lot of other encounters from this upload that are missing match candidates, it may be a good idea to resubmit the import. If other encounters from this upload are otherwise showing matches normally, you can treat this as a new individual.

I’m sorry about the server hiccups. Things should be more moving more quickly later today.