Bulk excel import

When importing excel data, its noted that each field should have a column in our spreadsheet. In this case, we don’t have a column for Time Precision in the zebra standard format excel sheet. What do we do since its a required field?

Hi @Rosemary

Allowed values are:


year - You only know the year of the sighting.
month - You know the year and the month
day - You know the year, month, and day.
time - You know the full date and time of the Sighting.

Thanks Jason for you reply. Am still stuck on Time Precision even after filling in correctly the allowed values. See the screen shot

Hi @Rosemary

You have to make sure that the Time specificity column is mapped to the right column in your spreadsheet. It looks like this:

In this case, the Codex Time specificity field is mapped to the Time precision column in my spreadsheet.

Please click Edit next to Time specificity and make sure it points at the correct column in your spreadsheet. Your screenshot above does not show me what the current mapping is.