Bulk import and identification processing

My name is Øystein. I live in Norway and run a camera trap project in Paragominas, Pará, Brazil. I try to identify individual jaguars from my database consisting of about 1000 jaguar photos. I have processed a subset of these by HotSpotter and sequentially built up a database of individuals in that environment. I now would try the same using the Willdbook automatic identification process. Unfortunately, I am not able to grasp how it is actually done, after I have bulkh imported 980 photos. I see all my encounters in my Project page. However, I cannot find where I can see the Annotations. Is the next step then to manually (and not automatically) “Start Match” for each Encounter and “Mark New” if there is No Match? In HotSpotter I could see the alternative match Encounters and scorings and decide which I would accept as the same individual but in Wildbook I do not find that information. I have worked me through the Wildme documentation but cannot find where this process is explained in a way that I understand. I hope you are able to guide me!:slight_smile:

Hey there @oystein.wiig ,
Bulk import does not automatically start the detection or ID process. We have it set up so that users with knowledge about the activity level on the platform are able to kick off those processes; that way large imports such as yours won’t take over the system for extended periods and block other collaborators from working.

I checked the queue and it seemed clear, so I set your encounters to run through detection and ID. Those should start have annotations appear on them shortly.


Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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