Bulk Import- length field logged as water temp

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Windows 11

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Microsoft edge

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After reviewing my import xlsx file in the bulk import interface and seeing all fields are correct (thanks Anastasia for the help earlier!), I imported about 200 images which all worked perfectly. After going through all of my encounters, I realized the measurement length field was imported under the water temperature field. The only explanation I can think of, if it was user error, is that my spreadsheet has the field labeled as ‘Encounter.measurement1’ rather than ‘…0’. If this is the case that the 0 vs 1 matters, it would be nice to have a bit in the documentation that indicates which value equates to which measurement field.

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Spreadsheet has already been sent from my previous post. See '“Bulk Import xlsx- columns reading incorrectly” Bug Report- xlsx spreadsheet" email from Mon. 1/15/24. Thanks!

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to services@wildme.org with the email subject line matching your bug report

Interesting find!

I tested an import and using Encounter.measurement0 placed the data under the correct Length field. When I skipped 0 and entered Encounter.measurement1 instead, it was saved under the Water Temperature field.

Our Bulk Import help docs do mention that numbering must start with 0. I’m sorry if the cheat sheet I referenced in your previous post didn’t make it clear that numbering should start with 0.

You’ll want to update your spreadsheet, delete the import, and re-import the updated spreadsheet.