Bulk Import Matching

Hi Tanya,

When I upload through bulk import, Wildbook does not register the individuals and therefore I can not match. Is there a step that I am missing that is causing this to occur?

Hi @maggieliebich, I don’t want to intrude but I’ve done quite a few bulk imports over the past months so I thought I’d jump in - in your spreadsheet, what field / column header did you put the individual ID in? For our wildbook (ACW) we’ve used “MarkedIndividual.individualID” and/or “MarkedIndividual.nickname” at the encounter (i.e. row level). When either of those fields is used, an individual record is created. I don’t believe a Marked Individual record can be created without either of these via bulk import.

hope that helps.

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Thank you so much for your response. This helps a lot. I got it working!

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Do we need to fill in an individual id during bulk import in order for matching to work?

Hi, Not necessarily but if you know the ID when building your spreadsheet, that’s probably the easiest way.
Otherwise, after upload, you can navigate to the unassigned (i.e. un-ID’d) encounter record, scroll down to the “Identity” section; click Edit, then under “Manage Identity” put the ID in either the “New Individual” field, if this individual isn’t already in your wildbook.

If the individual is already in your wildbook, then click in the “Identified As” field and enter the ID of the individual this encounter should be assigned to - if you see the name appear in a dropdown list, select it there, then click “Add”.

Hope that helps!

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When I am using bulk import, Wildbook is not drawing the boxes around the zebras in the photos. How do I get the boxes around the zebras?


Just an addendum to Maggie’s earlier comment. Essentially what is happening is that we are able to functionally get through the main chunk of the bulk import process, but after we press the ‘commit results’ button and go into the import, the ‘send to detection’ and ‘send to identification’ buttons do not appear.

But, when we click into the encounters/images listed on the bulk task record what we get is something that looks like this.

It seems like detection is in fact running already, which would be perfectly fine, except that we have tried waiting and it seems as though it never finishes. This means that we can never go through the matching and identification process with our zebras. Is there something else we should be doing? Please respond as soon as you have the chance.


Hey @fiona_logansankey and @maggieliebich,
Detection and ID must be kicked off by an admin after a bulk import. I am going to go ahead and get those running for you now. If you two are going to be onboarding other researchers, I’ll elevate your permissions so you can handle some of that management.