Bulk import with IDs creates multiple individual records with the same ID

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
A user uploaded 6 bulk imports that contained both ID’d and un-ID’d images. Her process was as follows: “I uploaded them one right after the other, and once they were all uploaded I sent them to detection one after the other - not all at once to avoid completely clogging up the system but definitely with some overlap.”
The affected IDs are LL_TZ_SN_leop_0001 to LL_TZ_SN_leop_0013 (13 individuals).

This appears to be similar to an issue reported here by a Flukebook user: Questions about matching - #7 by CMKonrad

I’ve just sent the 6 spreadsheets to services@wildme.org

If it helps, the user’s platform is:
Windows 11 Home 22621.1265 and Chrome Version 110.0.5481.104


Thanks for flagging this as a wider-spread issue, Maureen. I have this on our bug-report to-do list already, but I’m updating it to reflect that it’s not limited to Flukebook.

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This was found to be a pretty widespread issue in ACW and we’re actively working on a resolution. I’ll let you know when there’s an update on a fix.

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