Bulk Uploads and Media Assets

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

When doing bulk uploads can I be logged in under a different User ID for uploading media Assets than when Uploading the Excel file for the Upload ?

Typically when doing uploads I have been logging in as the researcher to ensure no issues with images and Xls upload… but I am no longer able to do so for one of our projects… but I am still needing to do an upload for the researcher.

My concern is that I believe the MediaAsset bucket is defined by User logged in when the images are uploaded, not the User assigned in the Upload spreadsheet.

Please clarify for me.



Hi Paul,

You can upload data on behalf other users, assigning it to them via the Encounter.submitterID and setting it to their username. This guarantees their access and ownership. You do not need to be logged in as them as long as Encounter.submitterID is set.

You are right that if they upload the photos, those photos exist in their username bucket and not yours. So you would need to have access to the photos and Excel file to bulk upload on their behalf, which it sounds like you have.