Cannot edit or delete an encounter as Submitter is N/A

Internet of Turtles

URL out of the browser where the error occurred

After entering an encounter, the Submitter is changed to N/A and I can no longer edit or delete it. I redid the encounter another day and everything ran fine, but the first encounter is still Unassigned and I wish to delete it but cannot.
There are 3 of the same encounter- Unassigned, Submitter - N/A that I wish to delete.
I don’t know how the submitter was changed to N/A

I was entering encounters as usual and now, days later I see that there are 3 Unassigned encounters of the same turtle sighting with Submitter as N/A. I don’t know how to reproduce it, as I don’t know what I did to produce it

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report


Submitter/owner is only set as N/A when an encounter is submitter by a not logged in user. The login for your account probably timed out and saved the encounter anonymously.

The original encounter is here:

If you navigate down the page to ‘Audit Trail’ you can see the " Submitted on Sat Dec 12 07:53:05 UTC 2020 from address: " key that only has a reference to an IP address and not a user.

I’ve assigned each of these to you so you can edit or delete them as needed.

The reason there are three encounters is that there were three detections: One turtle body, one turtle head and one error saving a hind flipper as a head.

We only save a single head and a single body to each encounter and if there are extra detections it cannot be assumed that one belongs and the other doesn’t, so they are all given a distinct encounter record. We are currently working on an machine learning model to predict associations and keep annotations that belong together on the same encounter while splitting off others, so this should improve in the future.


Hi Colin
Thank you for your reply, I understand and will be more vigilant about being logged in when submitting.
I have searched for the encounters to edit/delete but am still unable to do so as they are not yet assigned to ORP-Lhaviyani.

Thanks for your continued help

Hi Emily,

I’ve looked in the system for these encounters and cannot track them down. The encounter you originally posted and the parent encounter I found appear to have been deleted. I’ve also searched for encounters in Lhaviyani submitted during January and they all appear to be owned by either the ORP account or ORP-Lahaviyani.

If these are still giving you trouble please send me a link to each and I’ll check their assignment.