Can't assign an ID to an encounter

**In which Wildbook did the issue occur? **

What happened?
I am unable to assign an ID to the ecounters (below):

INKNP0306A: MantaMatcher

What did you expect to happen?
Encounter to be allocated to INKNP0306A

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue?
Click on the links above and try to assign.

WEB BROWSER : 80.0.3987.149
PERMISSIONS: Regional Manager
ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: Can’t assign encounter
EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Encounter to be assigned

Hi there,

I’ve looked into your issue and found why you could not assign ID to the individual.

To modify an encounter record, you must be an admin, be the original submitter or have a role for
the region’s location ID. Since the encounter belonged to someone else and did not have location
ID assigned it was inaccessible to you.

There was GPS information present which showed the encounter occurred in Indonesia so I have assigned the appropriate location ID and you should now be able to set ID for the encounter.

If you want to modify encounters like this you might need to contact the submitter and ask them to set a location ID, or you can inquire with Anna Flam at MMF about higher account privileges.

For clear cases like this we can in and set the location ID as well.


Hi Colin,
Thanks for looking into this.
Looks like I can assign the ID now. I thought I had the highest permissions for Indo. @AFlam Are you abel to have a look into that for me please :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just double checked Ellie’s permissions, and she has “regional manager” and “Indonesia” permissions, which from my reading means she should be able to assign IDs to any manta in Indo. Is there something that needs to be changed with these permissions?

Hi Anna and Ellie,

The encounter previously had GPS coordinates saved so the location appeared on the map correctly,
but did not have the Indonesia location ID set. The location ID’s are defined for each platform and can limit user access and identification matching sets, and need to be set separately. If there is no location ID set only the submitter and admin users can modify the encounter even if other location information is present.

I set the location ID for this one myself in the process of looking at the issue, since it was clear from the GPS information that it would be under Indonesia, and this is why you could assign the ID now.

Hope that helps!