Can't Explore Sightings in Codex

I can log in, but it couldn’t load the sighting page. I have tried and it’s still loading.

Explore sightings • Zebra Codex (

He wasn’t able to complete “photo upload” step since Friday. The photos were uploaded up to a certain percentage and stops there. I will share his link tomorrow if he still has the same issues.

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I have logged in to John’s account and uploaded 43 images successfully.
Thank you!

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That’s great news; thanks for the update! I’m still researching the Explore Sightings page not loading.

Something is taking up a lot of processing power on Codex causing the Sighting search to time out. We’ve stopped some of the processes to free up some space and see if that gets the search to speed more. I should have another update by tomorrow if not earlier.

Quick update to let you know that we’re still working on this and may not have a resolution until next week due to the long holiday weekend.

Kindly am still waiting for the feedback. No sightings yet.

We’re still actively working on a fix and don’t have any updates yet. I’ll update here as soon as Sighting search is working again.

Thanks for your patience. We’ve created a ticket to address the search bug: extremely slow execution of sighting.get_pipeline_status() · Issue #942 · WildMeOrg/houston · GitHub

We have a workaround we’re setting up that will fix the Sighting search for now, but it will mean that searching by Pipeline state won’t work until the full fix is completed later.

Moving this to it own topic to better track its progress.