Can't login after sending 100 sightings to identification

What Wildbook are you working in?

  • zebra codex

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?

  • After re-run 100 sightings, I can’t login my account. It is always in grey and wait.

Can you provide steps on how to reproduce what you’re experiencing?

  • I bulk imported around 3000 thousands sightings half a month ago.
  • I wanted to start annotating and sending to identification from the early sighting than late ones, yet I couldn’t find the full pending sighting list, and I could only see 20 latest sightings.
  • Thus, I annotated all of them without sending them to identification.
  • After annotating them all, I could see them in sighting list. So I started to send everyone of them by “re-run identification”.
  • However, After I sent 100 sightings to identification, I can’t login my account now. It is always in grey and waiting.


  • Is it too many “send to identification” slow down my account? What should I do now to login again and keep working? I have another 2900 sightings to be sent to identification. How can I make it fast but not block my account?

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

Hi @Anastasia, I noticed some of the latest reports are under reviewed, yet mine is still in 0. What’s wrong with it? I am worried if it is a super big problem…


Don’t worry; it’s not you! Zebra Codex isn’t loading for me right now, either. Let me flag this to my team so we can get it working again. Thanks for your patience!

Hi @Anastasia , thanks for your response. Sorry I didn’t expect to mess up with the whloe web :sob:… Really hope it works again soon. I am in hurry to get my thesis down :sob:

You didn’t mess anything up! It was an issue on our end that just happened to occur when you were logged in. You should be able to log into your account again. I’m sorry for the delay.

Hi! @Anastasia Thank you for telling me.

I could login just now, yet I can’t do it now again… Could you please help me get it back again…

It seemed like caused by I opened too many sightings in new pages at the same time (100). The first time I couldn’t login was after I opened 100 sightings and reruned identification. The second time I couldn’t login was after I opened the previous 100 sightings to check their status.

Moreover, it seems like some of the sightings I sent to identification were removed. They are are still in the status of “identification skipped”. The other half of the sightings are now in the process of identification, yet it seems like all of them are with 0% and queued after unknown numbers. However, when I checked the panel status, there are 81 tasks completed, 31 tasks in error, but no one in process.

I was in the middle of checking exactly how many of my sightings has been removed from identification, how many are in the process with 0%, and maybe how many with error. Yet I couldn’t login suddenly. Thus I haven’t found any clue that can explain.

Could you please help and check for me:

  1. to login again.
  2. Is it I opened too many sightings at the same time to block me from login? Why is it and how to solve it? How many sightings are safe to open at the same time?
  3. Why some of my sightings are removed from “rerun identification”? Is it because of the error?
  4. Why almost all other sightings that I sent to identification are with 0% yet in the panel status there is no task in process but 81 completed?
  5. What are those 31 errors in panel status? Where can I find those errored sightings and how to solve them?
  6. And one last ask: Is it going to spend a long time to run all my sightings (around 3000) for identification? Is it possible to accelerate the process by any chance? I remembered there was once written in the community that someone can ask for help if he/she needs more resource (or another word? I just don’t remember it well) to deal with large amount of data. I am in quite a hurry to get my thesis down and anxiously to finish identifications :sob:

Thank you so much for your help in advance!



Thanks for following up. We’re currently trying to debug it. It appears to be back up now. Like I said before, you didn’t do anything to cause this; the login issue impacts all Zebra Codex users.

Generally, when you have a large number of sightings to process, it can take a while to complete. It depends on the number of other jobs that are processing at the same time as well as the overall number of sightings you submitted.

If these were part of a recent bulk import, you can email me the spreadsheet and I can take a look to see if there’s anything it in that may cause issues with detection. It looks like there are some errors in the detection queue right now. You can email the spreadsheet to services at wildme dot org.


We’re still troubleshooting what’s going on with the detection queue. I’m still waiting on your response to my last post about your spreadsheet. Did you happen to upload more than 1000 encounters at once? Our system can’t support uploads larger than that. But without seeing your spreadsheet, I can’t point to a potential root cause yet.

Hi @Anastasia ,

I am sending my sightings to identifications now. It works well thus I forgot to answer.

Is it detection queue or identification queue you have problems now? I have finished all the detection, and they are fine. I didn’t upload any more data for detections. I only work on identification now.

And yes, I uploaded 3000 encounters at once. Yet they have been all well detected, and I didn’t meet any issue during detection.

Do you still need my spreadsheet?


Yes, please send me your spreadsheet. There is still a big slowdown in the detection queue due to the high number of encounters you submitted. I also need to check for any other issues that may be contributing to the slowdown.

For future reference, please read through and follow the guidance in our Bulk Import docs to prevent issues like the one we’re experiencing.

Hi @Anastasia,

I just sent my spreadsheet. Hope it helps to solve the problem.

The linkage you sent me is the instruction for the previous zebra wildbook. It doesn’t seem like work on zebra codex.

I used zebra wildbook as well, and I knew it supposed to be under 1000. Yet after we moved to zebra codex, I checked again of how many encounters can be uploaded at once. Jason just told me to keep it at low thousand, from where I thought 3000 should be OK.

Is it a new rule for bulk import on zebra codex now, to under 1000?


Thanks so much for sending me your spreadsheet!

So the problem is that this spreadsheet wasn’t set up in a way that our system can recognize the data you entered. In order for the system to recognize fields like your images, species, location, etc. You need to use the correct field names we provide in the doc I linked in my last reply or use the Excel templates we provide on that page. What this likely means is that while you can see your images, all of your data has to be entered manually.

I’ll follow up soon with recommendations on the next steps to take. Thanks for your patience.

Hi @Anastasia ,

Sorry I am super confused now. The instructions you sent me are all for the older platform, zebra wildbook. In zebra codex, in the bulk import, I have seen new field names in the system and followed them.

I don’t really understand what is going on now…


I’m sorry for not clarifying. The Bulk Import page for Codex hasn’t been published yet, so we use the Wildbook page on Bulk Imports as a point of reference until it’s been published.

Yeah I know… So what am I supposed to do now?

From my point of view, I didn’t have issue with detection, I can login, and I can send all my sightings to identification now. Seems like everything is good? Shall I just keep moving on what I am doing now?

By the way, if you need, here is the link of the conversations between Jason and I, regards to how to use zebra codex.


If you’re able to work on your encounters without any additional help, then there’s nothing else you need to do right now!

I just wanted to make sure you had the info you needed to work without interruption moving forward. Because both Codex and Wildbooks are active works in progress, guidance you received 4 months ago may have changed as updates are constantly being made.

We’re working on making sure our docs are updated so everyone has the information they need to use our products without issue. Thanks for your flexibility and please continue to let us know if you run into any other issues in Codex.

Great! @Anastasia , thank you so much! It’s quite a relief to know I am good to go!


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