Co-occurrences diagram confusion

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW


I’m confused by what I’m seeing in the co-occurrences diagrams for individuals. Some of the #s displaying what I assume to be # of co-occurrences between the 2 linked individuals are zeros; some of the #s are starred - 0* or 11*, some are not.
In the screenshot below, CH00010’s line doesn’t have a # - I assume because it’s being partially obscured by CH00096?
We really like having this co-occurrences info displayed on the individual’s page so I’d like to be able to better understand how it works and what it’s displaying.

cc: @PaulK

Thanks for raising this point. The source code for this visualization actually allows for predictive (close but not explicit co-occurrence in time and space) versus concrete co-occurrence. However, I’m finding that most species don’t have enough data for this level of exploration and that the default display is then confusing. I filed simplification of this diagram as a task with ticket WB-1198.

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That’s SOOOOOOOO interesting! I’m kind of inclined to leave it as is but you know best so I’ll stay out of it. It might not be useful now but maybe once we have more data? This could become even more interesting if applied across species, at a more macro level, if that makes sense. Something to think about. Very cool stuff Jason - your team always surprises and impresses. Thanks very much.

P.S. that just made my week : )

cc: @PaulK