Codex export help

Hi @Anastasia,

I wanted to export my data as well but can’t find it. Can you help me? The Help Docs are not helpful at all, and it seems maybe we are missing this option to export data or it might be only for some kind of researchers and not for everyone.

Hi @ctaklis

I’ve moved this to its own post to make active issues easier for me to track.

Do you mean you can’t find your data in a search or you can’t find the button to export the data from your search results page?

the button to export the data. It should be easy to export as csv or xls at least.

You don’t see the cloud icon above your search results?

No there isn’t.

OK, thank you for confirming. I made an update to your user roles. Can you try now and let me know if you can export?

yes it is solved. now i can export the data.

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