Crediting contributors - bulk edit?

Hi all, I am intending to upload a large catalog of sperm whales, and wanted to associate the data with the photographers that took the pictures to make sure they can be cited and referenced. I wanted to ask what would be the best way to do this? Thanks!

Hi @AnaEguiguren

The fields in the bulk import you should use are:

  • Encounter.photographer0.emailAddress - This field is required. Without an email address, the phoographer credit will not be recorded. Additional photographers can be added by incrementing 0 to 1,2,3,etc. such as Encounter.photographer1.emaiAddress.

  • Encounter.photographer0.fullName - This field is optional and records a name with the required email address. This also increments from 0 to 1,2,3, etc. according to the corresponding email address. For example Encounter.photographer1.fullName is the full name (e.g., Sarah Smith) for the Encounter.photographer1.emailAddress (e…,

More info on bulk import:

Bulk import training video: