Data Security and Administrative Access for GiraffeSpotter

Hello Team! It’s great to engage with you here. GiraffeSpotter is grower in its userbase - which is great news!- but as more people want to used it, there is a growing concern with data security and administrative access. If I understand correctly, all administrative users have access to all sites. We’d like to develop the system so that we can ensure that users feel safe in uploading current data to the site without having to be concerned about inappropriate data usage. In this way, permissions can be granted to specific users to have access to data from specific sites.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

-Michael Brown

Hey @mbrown, Welcome to Community!
It seems like the issue here is you need a mid-level user role that can manage data within a site, but doesn’t need full administrative access. The best way we can support that is through our Silo Security functionality. This would give you the ability to shift some users to be org admins and restrict the number of admins to those who are doing actual site management.
We can partner this with shifting regional data into the new Projects functionality, which can be leveraged to manage data access by project.

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