De-prioritize Hotspotter for Eurasian lynx in Whiskerbook

What Wildbook are you working in? Whiskerbook

Context: The French lynx folks use “report an encounter” to upload photos.

First request:
The 9-species MiewID model is only working on their Eurasian lynx images when they select “start another match” from within the encounter record. They’ve requested that it be run automatically on any images uploaded through “report an encounter” as well.

They would like to retain the ability to run HotSpotter only directly from encounter records. It doesn’t need to be run along with MiewID on new uploads via “report an encounter”.



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Since these are two separate issues with different resolutions, I’ve split them into their own posts. Your other topic is here: View match results for all images in an encounter

This can likely be done soon. One of us will follow up here when that’s taken care of.


This has been implemented. Thanks!