View match results for all images in an encounter

Prior to the 9-species MiewID deployment in Whiskerbook, when users uploaded multiple images into a single encounter record via “report an encounter”, they would see match results for every photo in each encounter all on the same match results page, per this older example: Whiskerbook

This was extremely useful because it allowed them to review multiple images and match results of the same animal at the same time to verify a correct match.

Since the MiewID deployment, it no longer works like this. Can this be reset to work as before, please? That is, all images in a single encounter, uploaded via “report an encounter” have their match results all displayed on a single match results page.



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Do you have a recent example of an Encounter with multiple images that isn’t showing all of the match results on a single page? We haven’t changed this, so I’m curious to get more details to find out what’s happening.

Hi @Anastasia

You can see it in this video : Whiskerbook
And on this encounter for example :
=> Only hotspotter and only 1 picture by match result.

The behavior is strange and inconsistent : I did a test again to make another video for you and this time in the match result it displays the result with MiewID but the second result (which must be the one with Hostpotter) never lands and ends with an error message (see "Attempting to fetch results" error in Whiskerbook )=> Whiskerbook | Login :thinking:

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Thanks for the examples! One of us will follow up here when we have an update or any clarifying questions.

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Hi @Anastasia :slight_smile:

Maybe this one is linked to the tests you made yesterday !

Because of the "attempting to fetch results” error I can’t check if this is solved or not yet, but maybe it is.

Hi @Lucas and @ACWadmin1

I have sent through four multi-image uploads, including reusing some of the images from these examples, and I cannot reproduce this. On first encounter report, all of the images can be viewed in a single match results page, and only MiewID results are now appearing.

I will continue testing periodically.



Thanks @jason !!

It looks to me that it is totally fixed !

I will tell you if it happens again, but for now it looks to be working perfectly :+1::blush:

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Thanks @Lucas.

I’ll close this thread, but feel free to re-open it if you see this again on first Encounter submission.