Delete user account - does a collaboration continue? If not, how do we keep org data with org users?

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

A user has left the conservation organization under which he’d been granted access to ACW. The org has said that his account can be deleted but I’m worried about the data he uploaded under his submitter ID, on behalf of that organization.

But they need to retain the images/encounters that were uploaded by this person who’s since left.

A read+edit collaboration request has been granted between his account and another user from that organization. Is this enough to retain read+edit access to those encounters by someone else in that organization? If not, what’s the best approach for what I’m trying to do?

Your advice is much appreciated!


That read+edit collaboration should provide the continuity of access. We recommend changing the User’s password but otherwise leaving the account in place. Keeping the historical relationship to that person and data may be important in the future.