Deleting an image from an encounter & creating a new encounter

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

Question - if I delete an image from an encounter record then upload metadata and relate it to that same image file name, will it create a new encounter record with that image and new metadata in it?



If you delete an image from an encounter you can then create another single encounter submission,
add the image again and it will be present on the new encounter.

If the image was originally uploaded through bulk import it may still be accessible through the bulk upload interface as long as you are using the same user account. You can reference the filename in another excel sheet and have it be added to the encounter without uploading the image a second time.

I would still recommend double checking the import review feedback and make sure the desired file is found.

Thanks @colin. I believe the images I’m thinking of were uploaded by bulk import - it’s in a batch of ID’d images uploaded by @jason in April.

But more generally speaking, what happens if I check the import review feedback and find more than one instance of the same file name, just uploaded at different times? For example, we see a lot of file names from different sources that are all “image1.jpg; image2.jpg; image3.jpg” etc. They share the same submitter ID but are uploaded as different sightings. How do I know if the image3.jpg is the correct one in the import review feedback?

@PaulK - FYI

Hi Paul,

In the case I believe you are describing, there is no way to know. When you look at the import feedback prior to sending, the images have been uploaded but not processed yet and there is no information about them other than the file name.

There is technically no way for the system to tell the difference between identically named images or which one is intended for which record.

Renaming images to be unique and not leaving default names created by cameras or applications is best way to ensure the correct image is associated with the desired encounter record.