Deleting Encounters with no image

Hello @colin

I have another problem in my photos. I have some photos which I set my own ID and they were uploaded during bulk import (see them here) but when I clicked them, no image in the gallery (see example here). I can upload the image manually but there are some duplicates and I want to handle this by submitting another bulk import. Can you help me deleting those encounters which do not have image so that I can start afresh uploading photos?


Hello @abrah15 ,

I’ve moved this to a new thread as a separate issue. I do see several encounters in the search you linked that do not have images, and also the example you provided. Thanks for including the links.

The encounters without images do not seem to have a reference to a bulk import, so there is no way for us to remove them all at once. Each one can be deleted with an option to edit the “Metadata” section on the encounter page.

Several of the encounters in that list also seem to have images:

These also do not seem to be associated with an import. Were they left behind after an import was deleted or submitted singly? If it is the 13 encounters only it should not take long to delete them using this method.


Hi @colin

Thank you very much, I used metadata edit to delete them. By the way those with images were submitted individually since February and they are still unidentified with ID not yet assigned. Is there any way to identify them and get an ID?


Hello @abrah15 ,

The matches are made and confirmed by you. Any of the images that you submitted that were found to have valid annotations may have machine learning match results for you to view. Looking at these results, you can add the encounter to the record for an existing individual animal or create a new name.

The match results will depend on data currently available for the species, location and similarity of the animals in the photographs.

There is more info in the documentation: Getting Started with Wildbook | Wild Me Docs