Detected encounters in sightings from a bulk import?

Ok thank you Tanya.
Grouper Spotter is set up with silo security correct?

Also I have a question about Sighting ID. If we assign a Sighting ID to encounters through our bulk upload metadata sheet and then there are more then one fish in the image so the platform annotates each of those fish what Sighting ID will it assign them? Will it be just a generated one from the platform and lose the Sighting ID we created for it?

Hey @accfish , I’ve separated this into a new thread since it’s a new question.
Yes, Grouper Spotter as silo security.

If you bulk upload an encounter with a Sighting ID, and then any additional encounters created through detection will get that same Sighting ID, as well as any information such as location or time that would apply to multiple encounters in the same sighting.

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