Detection for gervais' beaked whale

In which Wildbook did the issue occur?

Hi Anastasia,
I am back working on flukebook and I think the detection for gervais’ beaked whale (Mesoplodon europaeus) is gone. When I try to add an annotation I don’t have gervais’ in the selection tab…
I can add the species when I add the encounter but can’t annotate.


Hi @mdpnccs

Was detection available before? I checked Flukebook to see how many Mesoplodon europaeus encounters exist and I only see yours. There’s a strong possibility that we don’t have enough data available to train the detector yet.

Hi Anastasia, that’s maybe it ! I know detection is available for some of ‘my’ beaked whale species but maybe not for gervais’, I’ll use the mesoplodon spp one that should be enough !
Sorry !

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