Direction and Distance in codex

@Anastasia ,

We have a spread sheet called location corrector (UTM) where we record Gps X and Gps Y, Distance away and Angle. It has a formula that calculates the Updated Gps X and Updated Gps Y which is later converted into Latitude and Longitude in WGS 84. The end product is what we record as Lat and Long in Codex.
My question is.
1, Why do we have to record again Distance to group and Direction to group in Codex animal metadata.
2, If we have to, is it possible to have the 2 columns Distance and Direction in the Wildbook standard format excel so that its uploaded direct to Codex?

Thank you.

Well, you don’t have to. If you wanted to include it along with the latitude and longitude data, that’s up to you. It really depends on how you prefer to handle your data management when preparing your spreadsheet.

Our spreadsheet templates for bulk imports are only meant to be a starting point to work from. It’s up to each user to manually create and save their own template to work from based on the type of data they collect.

@Anastasia , it’s true the excel was part of the templates we got from WILDBOOK team when we started. Good to know that we can make changes.
Thank you

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