DragonSearch- Location Dropdown Menu

Moving the following email conversation into this forum:

We noticed that the location dropdown menus on the report an encounter page and the encounter search page are different, with quite a few locations missing from the menu on the search page. Does the search page only list locations that have actually been reported, or is there another reason for this? Thanks!

Just to add to Chrissy’s message- I just discovered, when using the manual annotation tool (which is great) I went to do a new search with ‘start another match’ and it couldnt recognise the location, even though I had used a dropdown when creating the encounter. the location says none selected and cant see Hobart- Blackmans Bay to select anew

Hey @ChrissyTustison!
It looks like a properties file got a little out of whack. I believe we’ve resolved the issue. I’ve confirmed that the encounter search page list seems correct. Could you guys verify to make sure everything is working as expected?


Thanks Tanya- looks good to me for consistency between the report an encounter and encounter search location menus. As for Nerida’s issue, I checked those photos for ‘start another match’ and it appears that all locations are now available (but Nerida, I didn’t actually start another match!)