DragonSearch Manual Annotation Tool

Hi Wildbook team~

I’ve been loving using the new tool for drawing an annotation when needed! That said, I’ve also had my first strange experience with it. I manually added an annotation and started a new match on the right-side photo for this encounter:


Then noticed today that the photo I added the annotation to has two new and separate encounters that are unassigned under unapproved encounters:



Another thing to note is that the first time I tried to add the annotation, it didn’t work, so I had to do it a second time- maybe that’s why there are two extra encounters? But there shouldn’t be any because it should all be under the original encounter, right? Thanks for your advice on this!


Hi Chrissy,

Thank you for reporting this. I can confirm based on the Encounter log:

" Encounter cloned and new Annotation manually added by siowamteam"

that these new Encounters were intentionally created by our code after it detected that the new, manual Annotation was added on an image that already had one other annotation. The system then assumed that two annotations=two individuals and created the split Encounter to capture that.

Currently the manual annotation tool does not handle parts and will assume a manual body annotation is a separate individual from a manual head annotation, and it may be that is what caused the split here.

I recommend manual annotations of only the head, which will create a split Encounter if any other annotation (body or head) already exists.

I hope this helps resolve some of the mystery here. Please let me know if there’s additional detail I can add.


Thank you, Jason! This is very helpful. To make sure I’m clear going forward, if this happens again, is it fine to just delete the duplicate encounters? What happened with this one was that it had a body annotation after processing, but said no matchable detection and had no match results, so I went in and added the head annotation and started a new match. That seemed to work fine, other than creating the duplicates! So hopefully deleting them doesn’t mess with anything or have ripple effects. Thanks again.

Hi Chrissy,

Just for a belated follow up: yes, it is fine to delete any unwanted Encounter (and therefore its unwanted annotations).


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