DragonSearch Match Results

Hi Wildbook team~

I came across something interesting today that I haven’t seen before! When reviewing match results for a pair of photos (left and right of a seadragon), it looks like the left-side photo has been duplicated, and gives two different sets of match results:


I’m not sure if this is a problem (I can still match and assign the encounter), but thought you’d want to know, since it’s weird!


Hi Chrissy,

It appears that there was an extra detection. If you look at the encounter page, there is an extra box on
the left side image:


This is an error that happens very occasionally, and is basically harmless since the annotations are on the same encounter.

It’s the tightrope of trying to make sure we save every single accurate animal annotation we possible can, and not over-guessing and always having a bunch of boxes for a single animal.

In the results, it looks like the second annotation in the list is the desired one and has a high score against WA-0060.

The last one in the list has a less precise bounding box and is the duplicate, but even with a lower score it still matches highest against WA-0060 which I think is pretty cool.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for explaining, Colin! And agreed it’s cool that it matched in both instances to WA-0060, which is the correct match :slight_smile: