Duplicate IDs from recent bulk imports

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? ACW

What operating system were you using? Win 11

What web browser were you using? latest chrome

What is your role on the site? Admin & researcher

What happened?
A user reported that she has a duplicate ID in the system. The ID is the same in both Marked Individual pages and the submitter & managing researcher for the encounters under each ID are the same. Here are one user’s examples of 2 different MI pages with the same ID:
Ex. 1


























Is it possible that the bug that was causing this last year in ACW & Whiskerbook is back in to the system? The bulk imports I checked as the sources of the encounters under each ID are from today so were not in the system prior to the bug fix.

What did you expect to happen? No duplicate IDs under the same user account.

I also see that @AntonAB from the Iberian Lynx Wildbook has reported a similar issue.

Is there some way to have these be displayed on the Data Integrity page for each user? Otherwise, there’s no way to know when or if they have duplicate IDs unless they accidentally stumble on them. The user who owns the data in the links below, only sent me one example. The rest came from searching through her list of 1273 ID’d individuals to look for more examples.

Alternatively, is there an instruction we can give users to avoid this problem?

Thanks for your help!


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Hi @Anastasia, I think you may have missed this post. Can you let me know if you need one or all of the related bulk import files from which these duplicates originated, as you requested from @AntonAB for his duplicates post?

It could take some time if you need all related bulk import spreadsheets as we’ll need to backtrack from encounters in each of the 52 duplicates above to figure out which bulk import the encounters came from.


I’m so sorry I missed this! Thanks for bumping it.

I’ll need more time to dig into this. It’s too early to tell what could be causing this, so I can’t speculate on if this is related to the original bug or something new.

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Thanks for your patience. Is there by any chance two people importing these (such as Elke and an assistant) to her submitter ID? It doesn’t appear to be the same issue as before so we’re trying to understand what’s happening so far so we can recreate it.

Hi @Anastasia, it is just Elke. No one else is working on this right now. Some of her current bulk imports were originally uploaded by other users (I can email you their userIDs if that’s helpful) but I don’t know if these specific imports had actually been previously uploaded or not. They may have been just prepared by other users but never actually got uploaded.

I hope that makes sense. Effectively, no one else is currently doing uploads; just Elke.


Thanks for following up!

We dug into this deeper and it looks like the fix for this bug back in Nov/Dec wasn’t correctly applied in ACW. :face_exhaling: It’s been applied and correctly reflecting in ACW now which means that Elke (and anyone else) shouldn’t see this again going forward.

I’m putting together a list of duplicate individuals uploaded by her to de-duplicate. If you notice any other users that have duplicate marked individuals, let me know so I can help get that cleaned up.

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ZCP_KWD_0481 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0552 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_1109 was fixed!
ZCP_EWD_0857 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_1104 was fixed!
ZCP_EWD_0746 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_1147 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_1122 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_1123 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_1103 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0519 was fixed!
ZCP_EWD_0846 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0490 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0516 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_1119 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0517 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0483 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0482 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_1120 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0478 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0514 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0201 was fixed!
ZCP_EWD_0936 was fixed!
ZCP_EWD_1018 was fixed!
ZCP_EWD_1009 was fixed!
ZCP_EWD_1026 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_1111 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0497 was fixed!
ZCP_KWD_0479 was fixed!

All of these individuals have been fixed.

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That’s very awesome, thank you so much!!!

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This is great, thank you for fixing!

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