Encounter Search Limiting To Geographic Bounds

Hi guys,
So I was showing Tess in Iceland how to do an encounter search and when I used the map to restrict boundaries for the search, I still got other sightings way outside my range.

What I did was use the map to restrict the search to just part of Iceland, and then limit species to humpies. The result turned up humpies all over and not just in my search area. Can you help? Is this a bug?


Hi Jake!
Welcome to the Wildbook Community, and thanks for taking the time to post.
We’ve created a ticket to look into the issue (WB-278 for reference). You should be hearing back from us soon with questions based on our investigation or details for possible solutions. If you have questions or additional detail before then, feel free to post them here.
Thank you!

Hi Jake,

Can you please share the URL from the map with the GPS coordinates outside your bounding box.

I just tried repeating the process with a bounding box around Iceland and a species filter for humpbacks, and the results looked correct:


If we can get the exact URL, we can better debug.


User reports user error. This issue can be closed.

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