Error message on inspection of match result

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

I got the following note from one of our researchers. I’m seeing the same issue when I look at the links she sent me:

I found this odd “inspection”
Whenever I select “inspect” on match #9 Wildbook for Carnivores I get this random code.

The encounter for this match, however, still displays fine:

Why is this happening?


We can verify here that the link goes to a missing ‘inspect’ heat map. It appears that the heatmap was simply not generated when results were returned.

According to @parham this should not be expected to happen again and looks to be a fluke. It would unfortunately be quite involved to regenerate the heatmap for this one comparison. Since it occurred on result #9 with and extremely low score and the name assignment appears to be made, we will keep an eye out but don’t have a bug fix as such.

We are rolling this into other discussions about results page UI and how to ensure you never see that sort of error message.

Thanks for reporting this, and do let us know if you happen to find another example.

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@colin & @parham, thanks for getting back to me on this. As you say, not a huge issue since an ID was able to be made (I suspect simply without benefit of the heat map). But I’m going to give kudos to the researcher who found this - she’s officially part of your ACW QA team now! :joy:


cc: @PaulK